Amir Hossein Rahnama
Software Developer at Gapminder

I am highly crafted and motivated to participate in software development team efforts and also I believe that I have enough experience to be efficient accordingly. I believe in Open Design movement in Software Development. I started off with .NET development at my first workplace, however I gradually learned Java and I am working with Java since 2011 efficiently, too. I also write a lot of JavaScript for many of my projects since 2012. In year 2013, I started Web Application Development and currently work a lot with Data Visualization. You can find my updates and thoughts on programming in my blog: Also, you can check my Stackoverflow profile here as well:

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Created with Raphaël200920102011201220132014Web DeveloperGapminder FoundationSoftware DeveloperIran Mercantile Exchange (IME)Software DeveloperSportSoftSoftware Developer (Master's Thesis)Findwise AB
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Created with Raphaël20102011201220132014Master's degreeUniversity Of JyvaskylaMaster's DegreeStockholm University
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English, Swedish, Persian
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Amir is a fantastic developer. I used to work with him for nearly a year and realized how professional he is! He was not just the best developer at SportSoft but a masterpiece in the company. I was dealing a lot with him regarding different sorts of bugs, new features and design of applications. Truly, he could solve any kind of problem with his patient and knowledge in the least amount of time. SportSoft really needed a senior program like Amir to be able to improve their ability and sales trends. To be honest, our team in SportSoft really enjoyed his nice behavior because Amir was always a friend beside us and a developer to support. His awesome time scheduling, work proficiency, fabulous behavior and experience made him to be always the best employee of SportSoft. SportSoft could not really grow without his knowledge and jobs!

Bahman Abbasi, Former Colleague in SportSoft